Ideas For Dead Threads

What would fans of Dead Threads want to see from us. Any type of items, collaborations with another suggested company, and etc. I would love to know what you think would make this company more popular or more appealing to you.

A different name?

Really, when I have a dead string, or a collection of dead threads, I remove it from a yoyo and throw it away…

It just has bad connotations. Pardon my ignorance. But, I would change your name. These folks might not appreciate it:

However, since you don’t compete, they might not care.

A battle/Collab with Big Yoyo String perhaps?

I don’t think that company would care that much, Studio. We sell 2 different kinds of things.

A collaboration with BYYS would be awesome!

If you want your company to be more popular you should create a brand image.
(Think clyw)
Starting with a nice graphic of your company’s name.
Something that will attract people’s attention.

We have a logo already,we should use it here though.

The creator ran logo contests (under both the names DeadThreads and Sarcastic String), and failed to deliver on both, effectively wasting our time, so that’s one reason I guess.

We do, but I am going to try to find another.

Just gonna put it out there that Rhylan PM’d me saying he was sorry about the outcome of the uncompleted contests. I like that he’s owning up to his mistakes, even if it’s just in private with me (prolly because I’ve been pretty vocal about it).

A brand new string formula? And if you get the profits, maybe you could even design a yoyo liek Toxic Strings, you know, to put yourself on the map.

Ooh, I like this idea. What do you think Rhylan, a possibility? We could have Kevin assist us.

Drew has a point, I mean we were giving out string with purchase of the club yo-yo. Kevin might want to work with us again…

I’d prefer not to collaborate with anybody. And a battle would be cool, but we would both lose and gain customers, so it is essentially pointless. Unlike others on the forum, I don’t do this as a hobby or game

I agree with the fact that it would not involve any mutual gain or loss, its just a time-waster for both sides.

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Possibly, We would need a good bit of sells going for us. @Tiereney, I know that he does, that is because he wanted the Chicago Yoyos’ string coming from DT, and I hope we do get a chance to work with Kevin again!

Eh I thought it would at least shake things up but okay. You guys are the bosses.

Lol why do you do it then? Are you planning on getting rich from selling yoyo strings? I may have some bad news for you man.

Maybe it’s fun to make string and create a fun product for the community to use. Not everybody needs an anterior motive.