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We haven’t had the best sales, but we are determined to keep Dead Threads alive! We love doing this, and just because We have to throw in a bit here and there, doesn’t matter! We love this business! We know that we don’t have a lot of fans yet, but we feel we are able to get as many fans as Toxic or Twisted!


I think you gusy should contact yoyoexpert! Or you could try selling on amazon and ebay! Also, haveing a solid logo would help. Just my 2cents


Here’s their current official logo.

But I agree with supbreh about ebay, amazon and contacting yye.


Nothing says “We’re serious about this” like a professional presence on the interwebs. It’s the new (well, not really so new) “nicely-printed business card”.


guys should also set up a instagram and facebook as well as twiiter and you can sync them so that when you post on one all of them are updated with that post and then you can do daily giveaways of string samples and it will get people interested in your threads also you guys should add your logos to your signature or under your name when you comment or message someone that way people will start to see it around the forums maybe even sponser a player to rep your threads


We already do have a Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to check them out.






I’d like to go ahead and inform everyone that I have teamed up with Rhylan and Dead Threads, I’m here to help Dead Threads as much as possible.
Some things I will be doing for the company are designing package logos for all strings (Tiger, Poly, Nylon, etc), website design, string testing, and new string ideas. We have two new strings right now that are in their prototype stages.

Stay tuned for more info and the new website will be up soon!

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Here are the packaging logos for all Dead Threads strings that are available for purchase. Poly or Nylon




The Poly, Nylon, and Kstring logos are all the same, and I don’t see how it relates to the brand name, which is dead threads.


Those are the packaging logo/stickers for the strings that Dead Threads have for purchase.


So if someone orders a 10 pack of K-String with their choice of color, the packaging will be a bag with a Dead Threads sticker with the K-String font under it as shown above. Same goes for Poly and Nylon so it makes packaging a lot more organized especially if we’re having to ship out a lot of string to different places having 3 seperate logos for 3 seperate strings seem to make sense to me, also they aren’t a branded string like Tiger, we decided to have them packaged with the Dead Thread logo and then text under it.

Now since Tiger string is Thicker than the normal Nylon and Poly it has an actual name and gets a separate logo. Along with the next two strings we are making.

I don’t think it’s that hard to understand.

Dead Thread NYLON

Dead Thread Poly

Dead Thread K-String

Dead Threads Tiger


What happened to this :confused:


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