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Today at the Chicago Yoyo Club I was talking and hanging out with Rhylan and he mentioned his string company and let me try a few. In the past I’ve never believed in buying high quality sring and that either way, string is string. Today my mind was changed after trying his nylon and polyester. The polyester is a HUGE step up from YYE poly and slacks/whips insanely well. His nylon I think was the most impressive though. It was softer than kitty string and lasts longer too. He gave me one of his used nylon to keep and he informed me that it was a week old and I was shocked. I tryed as hard as I could to even see if it was possible to get string burn, and I failed every time. Anyone who is going to IL States, buy his string. I promise you wont regret it.


I gotta try some! Whats his username


RampageRhylan I think. If you’re going to Illinois States then you can buy it from him directly. Definitely look into it.


Sorry, but coming from someone’s who never used boutique string, we can’t really take your claims seriously.

If all you’ve had to eat your whole life is pb&j sandwiches, and someone hands you a slice a of bologna, you’re going to think it’s the best thing ever.

Also the only interaction I’ve had with this Rhylan fellow was a very negative one. His ‘company’ is one of the most unprofessional businesses I’ve ever come across.


I never said I’ve never used high quality string, only that I never believed in it. I’ve used Toxic, Kevlar, Graou, and Kitty strings and I prefer these to any of the previously listed strings.


I got some. It does last a very long time

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Unfortunately, I can’t really say that RampageRhylan has the best thing going for him. Sarcastic Strings/Dead Threads had a real iffy logo contest, full of cancellations, renames, and redos. Really irked me.


Yeah, same here. Especially since I put in a couple hours making a logo.


Dang man, that sucks

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Mm. I only spent around 40 minutes on mine, but the cancellation, rename, and redo of the contest bugged me so hard. I was gonna do another, but it wasn’t worth my time. Crying shame.


I’m very sorry Pat and Links, I wish i could win back your trust. It was a very hard decision for me also. I wasn’t happy in the route my company was going ,but i am now. Hope you forgive me.