Dead Thread Yoyo String!

Dead Threads is a relatively new brand, based and operated in a small town in Wisconsin. Our goal isn’t to be the best, but to have consistant and quality string. If you would like to buy some message us on facebook or right here on the forums!
5 pack of Poly- $2.00
5 pack of N-String(Nylon)- $3.00
5 pack of Brad’s Rasta- $2.75
5 pack of Cotton/Embroidery - $2.75
Noah Bachofen
Brad Meyer/B-Rad
Drew Barnhart/duskeye
Nathan Tyler
Tiereney Ulmer/ Urkel
Colter Calvetti
James Buffington


What would everyone think of a Nylon/Cotton mix?

I dont think that would be good

Why not Jacob?

Cotton isn’t supposed to be whippy. I can imagine it not handling tension good

The prototypes that I have made, have has a little tension in the beginning.