Official Release of Threadz String on YYE!

So I’ve been making string for about 8 months and I’m very fixated on this one thickness. It’s pretty thick, but I like it. It’s called Threadz. Now there’s a few blends of Threadz which I will list below.

Original- Pretty Thick. 100% cotton. A bit rough at the beginning, great for slacks and whips. No color choices.

Double N Threadz- Neon Nylon Threadz. 100% Nylon, amazing for slacks and whips. Colors are Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Aqua.

50-50- Cotton Nylon 50-50. Combine the two above pretty much. No color choices.


Throwbot Threadz- 100% poly, robot colors. Grey-blue, Grey-Red, Grey-Light Blue are the colors.

These are in ten packs, they are $4 shipped.

Here is a review from yoyomaster39:

“dude i just got ur string they r awsome i will make a video with me using them.
Good for unresponsive how i like”

Visit for some pics.

I could add more to the review. THey are not light so you can do laceration no problem. they are 10x better than any string i’ve used. i was so happy with how good they are. i wanted to buy more but i had no money.

Uh… The post is a wee out of date. :wink:

Yeah lol. And I’ve changed threadz so much.