panda can thumb grind

did u that if u remove the caps off of the flying panda there is so space were u can do a [shadow=red,left]thumb grind[/shadow] u might need to sanded down the inside.its not the best but its good to start learning if u have one spin out


Same with Hayabusa, and aqua with caps ON.

John Narum does it…



NOTE: I am going to meet him today!!!

that move at 2.20 was one of the coolest things i think ive ever seen done with a yoyo.

That is basically 4A in a sentence.

It isn’t that hard, I can get the Thumb Grind and the whip, but not the spin.

Oh, I have his autograph.

That 4a video is AMAZING!!! Ive never seen anything like that before! and you have his autograph?! WOW!

Are you sure thats an aqua with caps on? That looks like a black knight  ???

I think there’s a difference here =P

True  =P

Nope, it’s an Aqua.

Looks smaller because Black rims and clear middle, look at the way beginning when it is in his hand, thats an Aquarius… and I’ve seen that exact Aqua.

Oh okay, I just thought it was way to small haha  ;D Camouflaged…

I thought it was a BK also  :P.