panda can thumb grind

(Marvin.D) #1

did u that if u remove the caps off of the flying panda there is so space were u can do a [shadow=red,left]thumb grind[/shadow] u might need to sanded down the inside.its not the best but its good to start learning if u have one spin out



Same with Hayabusa, and aqua with caps ON.

John Narum does it…



NOTE: I am going to meet him today!!!

(Waylon) #3

that move at 2.20 was one of the coolest things i think ive ever seen done with a yoyo.


That is basically 4A in a sentence.

It isn’t that hard, I can get the Thumb Grind and the whip, but not the spin.

Oh, I have his autograph.

(_|@<06) #5

That 4a video is AMAZING!!! Ive never seen anything like that before! and you have his autograph?! WOW!


Are you sure thats an aqua with caps on? That looks like a black knight  ???


I think there’s a difference here =P


True  =P


Nope, it’s an Aqua.

Looks smaller because Black rims and clear middle, look at the way beginning when it is in his hand, thats an Aquarius… and I’ve seen that exact Aqua.


Oh okay, I just thought it was way to small haha  ;D Camouflaged…


I thought it was a BK also  :P.