Pancakes vs. Waffles

Pancakes are simply a poor design and their only advantage that I can see is that they’re easier to make.

Waffles require a more complex infrastructure and equipment to produce, but the design is far superior. They hold the ice cream and butter and syrup and peanut butter and whipped cream in thoughtfully designed pockets, and feature seams for easy separation into manageable sections without compromising the integrity of the vessels. Waffles can also function in a stack as well as singly but seldom require more than one to make a meal.

Pancakes can be made on any flat cooking surface, but they require stacking for efficiency and shed toppings which results in the bottom pancake becoming saturated while the top one is too dry.



Syrup arrived! Fluffy attempts will be made soon. The Crown bottle was packed amazingly well


Personally I prefer pancakes. They are definitely easier to make and, this may sound a little weird, but they are better plain. I always eat pancakes without syrup, which is probably why I prefer them.


sourdough pancakes! But French toast is better in my opinion. Also Safeway brand molasses flavored syrup is my favorite.


If you like french toast with fruit/cream cheese try the casserole out from a few post up! It was quite good.

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My wife makes something very similar she calls French toast casserole. Very good

Sourdough anything is excellent! My mom makes phenomenal sourdough English muffins. And normally I don’t even like English muffins.


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