How do you Waffle???


I like my waffles with something like whip cream and strawberries, or a waffle, bananas, and very sweet mangoes :smiley:


Whipped cream, syrup, and a can of peaches.

On that note, it’s been a while since I made waffles; might have to do that tonight 8)


I don’t know, I can’t decide. :wink:


I had a sugar yeast waffle with strawberry pie filling at the Waffle Cabin. OMNOMNOM

but normally, bread n’ Butter waffles are my favorite


I like my Waffles on a plate. And I eat them with a fork. I don’t use a knife to cut them. Sometimes I’ll even use a napkin.


Me to but with a lot of good ol artery clogging high fructose corn syrup. also known as fake maple syrup.


A Crispy waffle with maple syrup and butter ;D
Oh by the way my mom makes the best homemade waffles there better than a restaurants!


Dude I love Belgian blueberry waffles with pecan or raspberry syrup it’s so good


So I’m nerdy. :slight_smile:

(WildCat23) #10


Do you use a napkin to cut your waffle?


Haven’t you heard of a papercut?