Palpitation,Palpitation es, splash stelmo For Sale

Palpitation, matte blue, mint, 300$

Palpitation es, green, mint, $old

Palpitation es, blast orange , mint, 200$

St.elmo, blue pink splash , mint, $old

Shipping from China to the worldwide. Usually it takes a week to arrive. Super fast and safe!

Pm me for more detail pictures, If you have any questions, open to ask and negotiate.

Need add another 15$ for international shipping!

PayPal, F&F or you cover fees!

I have great Feedback here: EddieJia‘s Feedback


Recently have been seeing raw mustang’s on Mercari going around $300 for used, $400 for mint in box, BST prices tend to be a bit higher in the west + this is a rare edition, would probably price this around $600-700 range. Would’ve been closer to $800 like two years ago, but the market is rough currently.


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Great yoyos for sale!!!

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Anubis blast gold , Leviathan 6 pink splash sold!!!
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Mustang es silver, anubis gone!
Mustang es blue blast, mavetrick limited edition, Sold!

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Green palp es, stelmo sold!