FS: UPDAED 02/11/12- one drop,YoyoRE yyf,clyw, duncan, YYJ


USA and Canada only
Paypal only

ADD $7 for shipping if its not a straight up trade(SHIPPED BY AIR, FAST!!)



good condtion 09 888(the 888 will not come with the z-stacks but just regular hubstacks) - $65

mint velocity V2 - $10

bassalope yellow/green acidwash great condition few scratches-$85

purple greyish(NOT BLACK) pad response M1- $35

2 NXGs, siliconed, excellent condition, one yellow, one orange $10 each $20 for the pair

YoyoRecreation Sleipnir, great condition, few little nicks, $140(have box)

Legacy, great condition, white, painted caps, $12

DV888 good condition small bearing, purple, comes with 3 extra pads,- $35

Primo mint, blue and purple acidwash, siliconed- $80

Freehand 2, yellow mint, not modded, -$12

Kickside white, few scruffs, - $10

Beysick, good condtion, some nicks and scratches, comes with 2 extra pads- $40

ILYY Void, Gray candyblast, Excellent condition, $65

yomega Maverrick silver, mint, $17

red protostar near mint few light scratches and nicks- $25

black hitman- $26

green x-convict-$23

2010 California YYF, great condition, green with blue splash- $50

translucent yellow SL hayabusa- $10

green duncan imperial-$2

orange NXG, bearing not so good-$8

sb black and red hectic few scratches-$30

small SPEC bearing mint never used -$2

near mint orange and blue skyline- $85

orange speeder, two little scratches- $28

pair of v1 loop 720’s clear- one has no string response in it at the moment, will get pics up later- $18 for the pair

Will put all pictures up soon!, or on request

PICTURES: http://s750.photobucket.com/albums/xx146/xdeadeye00x/


Nice Bassalope, I would buy it if I had the money though…


will buy ur hayabusa…

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