Paisley Triangles





That’s cool


The only trick to it, is that the only traditional GT is the very last one.

The first one is a Paisley Triangle.


Man that is a great trick. I love all the rolling triangles. That first one seems hard to hit, especially if it is a rejection to triangle. I am going to work on it tonight. Have a good one.



Once you figure out what is actually going on it’s not bad.
The first one is actually Doc Pop’s Push Trap.

You can get into that triangle in simpler ways though.

If you have trouble (and I can figure it out) let me know and I’ll see if I can do a simple tutorial or something.


Love this :grinning::+1:


noice :slight_smile:


Been working on that first triangle, the push trap. I cannot get a good looking triangle like that one; I get a single string triangle. I landed a better one when I landed on the rejected throwhand slack (not the trap, but string next to it). What exact string or formation rejects. You create the trap, put your th behind the formation, bend the trap behind your hand a bit, swing and push forward to cause a rejection? Love the trick Morg, will keep trying to hit it.



Thanks man!
I don’t know of any tutorials for Push Trap, but if I get a chance today I’ll make one.

The actual rejection is a red herring. If you land on one string it’s a Paisley Triangle like the trick, if you land on the other, it’s a basic Green Triangle.


Thanks man, that would really help. I watched all 3 of your videos on it, and the doc pop ones, but just can’t see what exactly rejects. I have done the rejection that looks almost identical to the push trap, where your hand pushes it all from the front to make the rejection (“rejection rant” by mr. Yoyothrower), but pushing from behind is hard to reject anything…


See if this helps, if not let me know. You have to get good lateral movement to get the rejection, but this is a good rejection to start with. (Unlike that fake rejection Magic Drop) :slight_smile: