heres my yoyos that I painted with model paint ;D
protostars and a maverick

(WildCat23) #2

Do the smell funny?


I can’t smell them unless im putting them up to my nose. And why would I do that? :wink:

(WildCat23) #4

Some people are crazy.


What, no “new yoyo smell”?

Kind of like that “new car smell” or “new puppy smell” or “new baby smell”?


it has that new poison gas smell :smiley:


more pics

(themikedurdak) #8

Do they grind ???


protostars suck at grinding, and they still suck with a paint job.


Well, you gotta give props to the consistency then!


lol :slight_smile:


How strong is that kind of paint? Does it come off by scratching it with your nail?


when I ding it on the ground, it chips. Seems a decent strength, don’'t think I can chip it with my fingernail.


As long as you like it…I say go for it. Good job.

The splash could use a few more coats…the white looks a bit opaque…and put some clear coat on it to protect it.

Why did you neglect the cups?


I wanted to see the protostar symbol, and the maverick i kinda got lazy, it was a friends, not mine. He wanted it soon, and it would take longer to do both because of the drying times