painting my tiger shark!

(BB) #1

i had a pink tiger shark till i started to paint it its going to be wihte black and small silver
ill post pics soon


i wonder what that will look like
sounds cool!

(BB) #3

im waiting for it to dry ill put pics


oh i thought you havn’t done it yet
i thought you are going to do it but you did it!

(BB) #5

its almost dry

(BB) #6




(BB) #8

the rims on the outside is sliver

(BB) #9

plays great but it goes on display


Very nice job there. 8)

(DanielBG) #11

spray wright?

(BB) #12



Does it play the same asbefore you painted it?And you did a really good job.O0


i don’t know what theme you painting there. but I see it almost like a liquid metal.
very nice.

(BB) #15

do u think i should sell it if so how mut?