"Painted Illustrator" Higby FHZs and Loaded YoYos

Messing around with some of the built in filters on my new Sony NEX-6 camera. This one came out pretty neat!


That is soo cool!!!

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nice collection you got there


Very…painterly. Considering that most of them are Higby yoyos, I think its very appropriate. I love your display by the way, did you make it or buy it?

Thanks! I bought the display case. I have been looking for a good wall mount, high end, furniture grade display case for some time and finally found this one. It’s actually a shot glass display case, made in walnut that I had customized with dividers for yoyos. Here are some photos of the case:

I like this case a lot because it’s made in the USA by hand and is completely made of hardwood (Walnut). There’s no cheap laminate or MDF used. The door is made with glass, not plastic and the hinges are strong and sturdy. It was somewhat expensive, but IMO, well worth the money.

Here’s the manufacturer on Etsy:

If you contact him, ask him to modify any of his shotglass cases to accomodate yoyos. You can ask him to use the same specifications that I sent him and he should be able to modify the case appropriately. There’s an additional cost for the modification, but it’s not unreasonable.

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Thanks bud! I’ll be sending him a message after my tax return hits :slight_smile: I tried a similar idea and bought a shot glass display from Michaels a few weeks back, and it works, but isn’t what I want. Its pretty cheaply made and the shape of the holes is not ideal. They fit most yoyos, but anything over 55.5 just doesn’t comfortably display. I made the mistake of not taking my largest throws with me to test the fit.

them all an arts not only Yo-Yos!!!

Do you have two Mg’s? Or are those not Mg’s… They look like it. I think.

Amazing… most talented yo-yo artist that I know of with a collection to match. Please let me know if you ever take business again ;D :-[ ;D

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