Large display case for wall mount


I am looking for a nice looking wall case (24+ or ++ yoyos), ideally wooden with a glass door in front. I have heard about people using golf ball display cases such as .
Does anyone have a concrete recommendation? Are the holes for the balls working well for yoyos?


I don’t know, some of those are so closely spaced, it might leave you a little tee’d off. Plus, they are hand made, so you might get a hole in one.

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This is what I use…like it better than the golf ball displays.

That looks great! I think I’d like it even better with yoyos facing “sideways”.

What kind of display case is that? Where did you get it?

I just sent you a PM of where I got it. You can turn the throws sideways, but it is easier for me to pull one out and play if they are faced like the picture.

Good luck finding one you like. I still want to make something like a ‘yoyoboard’ since it looks sweet!

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