Custom YoYo Display Cases

Does anyone have a line on some nice, wooden (as in oak, quality wood) display cases. Something that would hold around 24 yoyos.

someone was selling one in the bst not to long ago, not sure if they ever sold it id say take a look through there and see if you can find it

I have some ideas for alternative solutions. Shot glass displays work good.

I think there are a few people around here working om something. They must not have perfected something otherwise I’m sure they would have posted something by now.

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These work great and are cheap. Golfball holders. About 25.00 at most golfshops. Some times cheaper on ebay. There is a douchbag on ebay selling them under yoyo cases for double. One on the left came from Goodwill for 5.00 the on on the right came from a golf shop. 25.00. They also had a 48 hole for about 50.00. tim

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wow your yoyo room is awesome!

I was at a client’s house who collects golf balls(he’s an avid golfer). I had brought my DM2 and Magic Pear Ball to see if they would fit a golf ball case. The Magic Pear Ball was OK, but the DM2 would not line up. Baseball ones would work, and the reason I haven’t is because I want something that could hold more.

I recently got a 72-yoyo holder case. I did a small modification to the middle layer by wrapping gluing felt to the bottom and back-side, with enough extra to be a flap to cover the top. This way when the middle layer is placed into the case, it won’t be able to ding up the stuff above it and below it. As the felt on the bottom only reinforces the foam, I’m going to do the same treatment to the top and bottom layers, but only on the “bottom” of the foam. This is ideal for carrying around. I wish the surface was smooth for stickers though. I have to put stickers on it today.

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sometimes you can find toolboxes or tackleboxes with spacers that you can arrange how you please. these seem to work fine, I have one for my yoyos that can hold about 15 with some room left for accessories and the one i have can snap together with other ones of the same model to hold even more

i love the golf ball holders. i bought these on clearance at golf galaxy or something forever ago. bring a yo-yo with you though because they don’t universally fit. mine fit 25.

then i picked up this thing at a yard sale at some point for $4. not really ‘display’ so much as overflow control. fits everything but my spyy’s (in a separate drawer).

i had the oak box (the darker one) made for some of my favorite no jives (fits 16 and definitely worth it if you have someone who can make one). i have a travel case somewhere, but never need it (only bring one or two yoyos with me at a time).

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Actually, I’m heading in that direction as well. There’s a couple of decent 3-drawer tool boxes at affordable prices. I just need to find a decent supplier of foam to have it custom cut to fit. I figure the top can hold the off-string throws, and the rest can go in the drawers. Nice, compact, decent numbers at a time and when done, should be fairly affordable.

I bought a plastic stanley tool box from home depot that I put red and black pading in. They fit 15 yoyos and room for strings and other stuff.