A pile of fun

excluding yoyos at: work,in my car,coat pockets and scattered about.

I want your yoyos. Can I have them?

That’s an awesome picture!

I love the wall display! Was that purpose built, or did you get lucky with something? It’s a very sharp look.

Now to decide if I should head out for some S3S 1/2" mill Maple…or try to tune up my junk planer…


Awesome! Love the display case as well!

Thanks, my mother-in-law picked up the shadowbox/printer tray at a thrift store and fortunately enough it was a good fit

Very cool pic. I too was drawn to the wall display. Do you have any info as far as manufacturer and or model? I’d love to grab a couple.

From a carpender background, that looks really quite easy to make. Couple hours of setup, organization and calculating and then a just a little bit to actually do the work.

Maple would probly be great but for ease of use I’d personally just use cedar. It’s a pretty soft wood making it very forgiving. I built a very nice spice rack for the wife with similar sized pieces of wood.

Anyway back on topic…

Gimme gimme.

When I finish my project in woodworking class I want to build a nice display case like that sorta just gave me my influence

Dem Broken Heart and Pollock Burnsides

your yoyo strings are mess! that would bother the heck out of me.

Did you say “please?”

I thought it was funny how the biggest word in the picture was “envy.” :wink:

Nice collection! :smiley: