Display Cabinet

Here is a display cabinet I made with oak from the local lumber yard and some mail order foam. Thanks to all who gave the tips about using a tomato paste can to cut the holes.

Very nice. It’s super hard to get the holes layed out nicely.

am i blind or do u only have 1 loop 1080 ??? ??? ??? ???

That is very cool! I’m thinking of something similar with a shadow box, where did you get the foam from?

I did something like this a couple of days back, cost me no more than $8 to make.

Saw something similar on Instagram

that’s where I got the idea from, thought it was a great way to display your yoyos.

I definitely prefer your setup. Wood dowels instead of bolts. Bolts seem like you could end up with scratches.

Finally got around to building this.

Turned one of my drawers into a display/storage. Got this idea from someone someone here.

Assuming your favorite brand is clyw😂 you have so many

It is. Lol. I just haven’t made the third one for my onedrops. They build up over time. I’m generally not one to sell much.

Wow man that is very nice. Did you stain the wood yourself?

Thank you. It’s not stained. It’s weathered naturally. The wood has been outside for some time.