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The proposed AYYA/NYYL merger.


And what are your opinions on the matter?

A revision to the judging system.

Will it ever happen? What can you tell us?,47684.0.html

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, so I’m doing no good  :wink:

Boy where do I start…
Last year I was asked to join the BOD without election to fill in a spot that had been abandoned. I immediately asked if the AYYA was a non profit yet, and if not, if we could merge with the NYYL who was a non profit. It made sense. Bob and Thad were already on both boards, why not just make it official? I guess this had been discussed in the past, so once Dave asked to step down as President and Bob was purposed to step in as president, the wheels got started.
I also laid out a huge manifesto type plan of how the AYYA could become more relevant which included three tiers of sanctioning, a different judging standardization, and different levels of membership.
Again, these were not completely original, the AYYA has been revamped more times then Spiderman and many of these idea’s were brought up in the past.

The merger is going to do a few things that we will have to see how it is presented and accepted. being discussed is a clearer role of what membership gets you, new levels of Sanctioning and Memberships, and a guideline for judging that makes is clearer where points are given vs where points were taken.

So am I for the merger? Heck, I purposed it in January. It is happening, there is no doubt about it, but we will have to see exactly what happens. The hard part is that we have 10 BOD members (Adam just gave up his seat) and it is all volunteer. You can’t act alone, you have to act as a group. Even me posting this, I am thinking about what I am saying and how other BOD members will read it. So, will there be a merge? yes
Will there be changes? Yes
Will you see the changes quickly? hopefully
Will the changes be for the better? Mostly entirely yes

Also a note to new members. You may have heard that some members have not gotten patches and cards yet, that is my fault kinda. A new membership database and membership card are being produced and is holding up the majority of everything on that end. Your 20 bucks for a years membership (15 for students) is going to the promotion and sanctioning of the yo-yoing sport and yes, you will also get your card and patch once the Cards are redesigned.

Well, this certainly puts me at ease about a lot of things. Thank you, and keep up the good work.