Is there a group for yoyoing?

Iv’e lately been interested in watching and maybe even participating in a competition. But how do you find them? Is there like a “national yoyo association” or something oficial? or are there separate organizations? (if so, what are some of them?)

Mostly just local clubs. Just see if you can find one around you

The American YoYo Association filled the bill for sponsoring contests and maintaining records etc. It folded a short time ago and some of those functions are being picked up by the National YoYo League. The AYYA had an elected board and was an all volunteer member organization. As far as I know the NYYL is one person. It is part of the organization that runs the National YoYo Museum and sponsors the National YoYo Contest.

(Edit: See dryoyo’s comment below for a clarification.)

the only one of those I’ve heard of is the ayya
and that’s just because I had an ayya pyro.

there’s a decently list of contests.

look for your area on the yoyo contests, clubs, and events subforum.
or post a thread if you can’t find one.

A bit to add. The NYYL is run by a board also, the same board who manage the National Yo-Yo Museum. The AYYA is an arm of the NYYL used to certify contests and help establish judging standards. There is no longer an elected board for the AYYA, just a list of dedicated volunteers who weigh in when feedback is requested.

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