Does the American Yo-Yo Association still exist and how would one become a member?
Information seems to be sparse on the internet.

For that matter, how may of us here on the forum are members of the AYYA?


I was a member back in… '09 maybe? Haven’t seen much from them. Steve Brown would know.


I think that the nyyl took over the ayya, or the other way around. I don’t remember now, for sure, but one of them is now both of them. I suspect if you can’t find the ayya, then it was the nyyl that took over it.
Nyyl = National yoyo league.
Thad from bird in hand is who I would contact and ask.

(kclejeune) #4

I’m a member of AYYA… If it still exists. I’m curious about it too.

(Steve Brown) #5

The National YoYo League absorbed it, and then, much like the National YoYo League, it ceased all activity.