NYYL Changes - Something to be aware of.

Yoyonews just posted this on their website, and it’s something that everyone needs to read.

Quick summary: The National Yo Yo League is undergoing major changes. Andre and Steve Brown are now “National Coordinators” and are making changes to the system. Players in seeding divisions (1a-5a) will be required to pay $25/year in order to compete in regional and higher level divisions (Regional, National, and perhaps Pan American). This money will go towards a national ranking system with end of the year prizes going to top ranking players, as well as:

-Unified registration and music upload for all contests on ONE website

-More resources for organizers (venue proposals, sponsorship proposals, league-wide sponsors)

-Better venues for Regional events

-Consistent rules and judging criteria across all events

-Better reporting of results

Personally, I’m very excited for these changes.  I’ll happily skip out on a few bearings or cheap yoyos a year if it means a national ranking system and unified judging criteria between contests. This system makes contest sponsoring from non yoyo related companies much more attractive, as well as easier, which can only be good for the community.



Thanks for posting this Jake.

I’m around to answer any and all questions about this!


Thanks 'Dre and Stevie-B.

So, wait, let me get this right: In order for me to compete at any regional yoyo contest event, I have to pay the $25 NYYL Registration Fee? That is so unfair.

Only if you are competing in a championship division, meaning 1A - 5A. There is NO membership requirement for Amateur Freestyle or Sport Ladder divisions.

It’s not unfair at all…as the scene grows, it becomes harder and more expensive to not only run but grow these events. By centralizing the resources through the NYYL, we can implement these changes with less expense than individual events trying to do it all themselves.

How will these changes affect the PAIYYC and US hosted WYYC?

Will the US ranking system effect the US National petition system? Something like if you’re top ten in a division from last year, you’re eligible to compete.

Or even seeding in general. If a player is top five in the country or their region, can they automatically seed into the finals of a regional contest?

League fees are common in any competitive sport/pursuit. However, I can see why it’s going to be a hardship for some people: many of the younger and non-sponsored competitors don’t travel to other events. Just their one closest event. So for them, it’s the event’s registration fee plus $25.

$25 isn’t a lot, but when it’s one-time, it’s exponentially more expensive-seeming.

That said, I totally understand why it’s necessary, and I can only applaud and admire Steve and André for stepping up to do this. It’s absolutely a positive and critical move for consistency and credibility in the competitive yoyoing scene. Way to go, guys!

NYYL membership is also required for the PanAm contest, as stated on their site. http://panamericanyoyo.com/node/20

As far as I’m aware, there is no formal “petition” system. I’m personally against the idea of a petition system, as it’s a way for bias to inject itself into the system, and will be clarifying this with Thad and working towards a more concrete explanation/resolution.

As far as national rankings, we’ll evaluate how the system works out after this calendar year, and for 2015 we will ideally use it towards seeding players for various events. We have high hopes for the ranking system, but it’s going to take some time to implement fully. But yes, we do hope in the future to be able to start each contest year with a list of players who, based on national rankings, are seeded to the Finals in any NYYL event they choose to compete in. This is a great way of lessening the Prelim burden on single-day events, as well as guaranteeing spectators the chance to see the top talent in the country competing in Finals.

so. thoroughly. jazzed.

this is great and long-overdue!

I think this would overall make it cheaper to compete, right? Is it that you pay $25 once and are automatically entered into your Regional, National, and (maybe) your Continental contest? Or is it that you pay the $25 to be able to pay the entrance fee into your Regional, National, and (maybe) your Continental contest (In the “pro” divisions)? Because that seems slightly pricey for people like me who only get to compete once a year because traveling to different regions is just too far. Does this question make any sense?

The NYYL fee is in addition to any and all contest registration fees.

But the NYYL fee goes towards various improvements and resources that allow the NYYL to provide these things to ALL contests evenly, instead of individual events needing to raise their prices drastically to cover the upgrades. It also allows all Regional events to operate under the National YoYo League’s 501©3 nonprofit status for venue procurement and event insurance.

It’s unfortunately a bit pricey for players who only compete once a year, but we hope that the value we’re able to bring in greatly improving all of these contests will be worth it to players like you for the chance to see events get bigger and see competitive yoyoing advance and progress.

Yeah I understand why you’re doing it. Hopefully this works out for the best!

If you only get to attend a single contest per year, and it’s too pricey for you to justify paying the league registration for that single contest, perhaps you should reconsider your competitive aspirations. This system is designed to promote proper seeding and a championship structure. If you can only attend your state contest per year, it might make sense to instead compete in the amateur division (which isn’t covered by the NYYL, and doesn’t carry a seed)(you can always check the numerical scores to see how you might have placed in the pro division). Not trying to discourage you from competing, but this league overhaul is for improving the legitimacy of yo-yoing as a sporting event- and really, you don’t need to compete at a yo-yo contest to have a great time.

Michigan has no state contest. And I would rather not enter an amateur contest and ruin some 10yr old’s dreams. I know I dont have to compete, but it is enjoyable to see how I stand in my region so when people ask I can tell them. Ever heard of playing yoyo for fun? Some people do it still. I know, crazy.

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It is probably not worth it if you are just going to compete at one contest, and if they were to Manage a list of those people who only compete in one contest then that would be too complicated. As the yoyo community grows I see how this is necessary and beneficial to all, I hope people do not see it the wrong way and say that they are after people’s money. I don’t compete so it doesn’t affect me

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I understand why, but it’s just a bummer for me because it limits the contests I can compete at. Of course, when I get a real job as I grow up I’ll be all for it because I will have money for things like yoyo contests, but I’m just a kid and money is tight when you’re a kid, so until I can have a cash flow I’m not sure I’ll be able to compete on a regional/national level. I do hope the community grows from this and contests become better, but I also hope you understand my standpoint as a kid.

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I totally understand your viewpoint, and I REALLY appreciate the fact that even though it doesn’t specifically benefit YOU, you’re willing to support this move because you realize it’s good for the sport overall. That’s a really mature viewpoint, and it’s very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I think this is a fantastic idea. I’m suprised that contests themselves don’t charge for entry as it is, so I’d be more than happy (were I a US citizen) to pony up the dough to compete.

Yoyoing isn’t a particularly lucrative pastime, so there’s a limit to how much support even the large sponsors will give. I think it’s about time that people started giving back and investing in the future of yoyoing. Want bigger, better contests? Well then lets start helping out!

As a suggestion Steve, have you ever thought about setting up a donation page where people can donate towards the expenses of the big contests? Obviously not everyone will put anything in, but I’d be glad to feel like I was helping the community, even from across the pond. Heck even $5 from people here and there will all add up. :slight_smile:

Also, I know it seems hard on the wallet of those younger ones, but if you’re in a position to realistically compete at a regional/national level, then you should be able to afford a one off fee of $25.00. The amount of work and time put in by the organisers and judges of these events is mental, I think that it’s the least that we can do.

Especially when you consider that the majority of people competing at those levels are likely using yoyos that cost 4-8 times as much as the $25 fee. I know that world class competitors can realistically go out there and win a contest using a Onestar, but we partake in a sport/hobby/past-time with a large amount of expensive skill toys. If we can afford these toys, or if our parents/grandparents can help us afford these toys, a $25 fee is very minimal and sounds like it will do a great deal of good. Like Jake said, holding back on a couple extra bearings or some cheap plastics or boutique strings will give any one of us the requisite $25 to register. This sounds like a great idea.

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I’ve been getting bored of competing in Sport 1a at NER because I can’t attend 1a prelims the day before now that it’s a 2 day event. My friends and I know that I should be competing in standard 1a, and now that this system is going to be in place, it’s just another thing on top that will make competing in 1a unobtainable for me.

It’s truly a disappointment, but I guess I’m just going to have to wait until I care enough about competing to where it becomes worth it (read: never).

For people that are involved heavily in competition play: those who dedicate their time and money to prepare and travel, this is a move that will help unify the contest structure and I doubt many will have issues with it.

However, the accessible contest structure that first persuaded me to step on stage years ago, where every player had an equal shot, feels like it’s slipping away from me.

'Course, contests for me have always been more about fun and goofing off with friends, so I’m never going to be truly upset until there’s an entrance fee. I’m just a little disappointed that it’s getting harder and harder to show off my 2 minutes.

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