Pads for YoyoJoker Double Joker


I have a 2010 worlds edition Double Joker that has been out of rotation for almost a whole year now because I don’t know what pads it takes. I’ve siliconed it twice, but it rips out after an hour or two of play, because the response groove is VERY shallow. It kind of sucks that its been sitting on my dresser unused for so long. Would YYR pads fit?


Really? No one knows?


Ir pad makes a size called yyf broad/ yoyojoker wide so based on that maybe you could use yyf broad pads


Original Double Joker uses the wide-joker pads, also called YYF Broad pads. They are available on YYE and elsewhere.

Get that yoyo back in the game it is a real winner.


Thanks guys I really appreciate it :smiley:


Got some pads and a new bearing. She’s up and running again and man is things thing great!!! :smiley: