Pad Size For Gung Fu?

Anyone know what pads the Gung Fu will accept? Mine just cant seem to hold flowable silicone for more than a few hours. I know its not me, I’ve been siliconing stuff for years now and never had a problem.

I’m guessing the pad recess is less than 1mm deep. That sucks.

Seems like it might be Gen2 or Gen3 model:

I know it’s not much help. I wonder what the o-sticker really is…

It is a Gen2.

I have a pair of pads that I marked “turning point” on the baggie. I can’t remember if they are K pads or something else made by turning point. I just checked them against my Gung and they definitely will fit. I’d take a shot at a pair of these:

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Which size you reckon I should go for? 888 or 19mm? I wouldn’t think its a broad pad. Doesn’t look the type.

I think you are gonna have to measure the outer diameter of the recess on your gung. I don’t know where a ruler is right now or I’d do it for you. :slight_smile:

Fair enough, appreciate the pointer!

the gen 1 gung-fu takes o-rings. if the other generations are the same but shallower, then any o-ring size pad would work.

Thats a good point, though I have no clue what size the O-Rings are. Still on the hunt for a Gen1. :wink:

i looked around a bit. all i could find was someone saying to use yyj silicone pads.