Looking for Katana Pads for my Sengoku H.....?

(Rock Shouse) #1

HELP!!! Can someone please send me 2 katana pads? On-line they sell in jars!? I picked up a Sengoku Hideyosi with almost no pads…I tried some YYR Red Pads but they are too slippery and will not bind well…?
I can pay you back if I need to guys…
Thank You Guys…,

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Bumped cause I need a couple of Kantana pads for my Sengoku…? The YYR red pads do not have enough bite to them and my binds are sloppy!
Thanks again,

(Rock Shouse) #3

Ok… Update!
I am officially using monkeysnot to silicone my Sengoku Hidesyosi…although the YYR red pads did not fulfill the response area fully and binds were not snappy…so I will use the flowable silicone and let you know how it works… I hope that’s cool…sorry, but no one replied to me or offered any katana pads for me to use or buy? I chose this option as my only alternative…?


I would if I had them! Are katana pads really a different size? Maybe @YoYoExpertGarrett would know?


Missed this post, sorry Rock!

Sengoku pads should be the same size as YYF slim pads, I’m not in the office to compare, but that’s what I would try. YYR pads are slightly different dimensions than slim pads so that may be the issue? Monkey snot should work too though. Let us know how it turns out!

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Yepper will give it a try…?
Thank You for the reply,

(ClockMonster) #7

Given how amazing G2 and One Drop yoyos feel on a bind, I’d have to say that flowing your own silicone, if you can master it, will probably yield superior results. I’m way too lazy for that, so I just buy One Drop’s silicone rings, but I guess not everyone can afford them. Good luck with the flowing!


Er wuuut? G2 and One Drop use silicone stickers, as do virtually all manufacturers these days. It’s simply too labor intensive to manually hand apply + cure silicone versus the “stick it and forget it” of silicone response stickers.

The only one that doesn’t is maybe Monkeyfinger?

(ClockMonster) #9

Totally. I was just trying to speak to how great silicone is IMO. Whether one chooses to flow their own or go the easy route and use stickers (like most do), choosing silicone is a solid choice in my book.


So what … exactly … are the other materials you can fill response areas with? Peanut butter? I’m unclear :wink:

(ClockMonster) #11

Oh, I thought the others were some other kind of plastic, especially given their different degrees of “hardness”.

If they are all silicone, then what differentiates them? What accounts for the variance in stickiness/slipperiness? And how is it measured/specified? I’m interested because I think it would be helpful to tell folks, “Look for silicone pads of rating X,” rather than specifying brands.


Not sure but we do have a topic for that here: Okay, so which response pads?