Grind Machine Response

I just got some YYF response pads in, but they do not fit my PGM2. The outside diameter is too small. The ones I got were the 21mm OD. Is there a bigger size? I did not see any in the YYE storefront.

Are you sure it doesn’t fit? It’s the correct size… Can you stretch it fit it in? Sometimes pads fit snugly.

They fit in the groove, but there is a gap between the outside of the pad and the outside of the groove. The pad does not fill the groove all the way.

It’s supposed to leave a little gap.

What he said.

You’ll be fine.

Is it functioning properly?

I measured them and they are the wrong ones. They are the 19mm, just in a 21mm package.

Why don’t you upload a picture of it and let us judge whether it’s the right size or not? If you’re just gonna ignore everything we said then why bother asking?

Yoyofactory has shipped thousands of pads… maybe there was a package misprint…

That’s a high possibility. Why don’t you contact your supplier?

They take k-pads. Flowable silicone is your best option. Any size: you can always fill it with flowable silicone

Thanks for all your help, guys. After I measured them I got a hold of YYE, where I got them, so I’m getting a new set.