Need YYJ Silicone Rings! Desperate!

Hey Guys, I’m in desperate need of some YYJ Silicone O-Rings. I’m making a video that has a deadline and YYE won’t have anymore in stock for around 2 weeks. Does anyone have any?

Use YYF or K-pads

Different sizes, I think. I’d like to be pretty well sure that the pads will fit. Its for a Gen2 Gung.

I may have some. Are you looking for any particular type? I think I have the original black, the red and maybe the clear silicone rings. Pm me and let me know.

yes the yyf/k pads will fit.

Alright guys, thanks for the tips!

Keep in mind this is in the Buy/Sell/Trade though, I don’t really need the constant bumps.

Please stop posting. Its unfair to the other BST’ers.