Pacific Northwest Regional Contest 2012

  1. I am so excited!!!

  2. Say I compete in the prelims and make it, what happens next?

  3. Prelims are 1 minute and finals are 3 minutes. Correct?

  4. Is there anything between prelims and finals? If so how long is the performance?

  5. Is it the same judges for prelims and finals?

  6. What is the difference between novice and normal freestyle.

  7. How long is the novice freestyle? Is there prelims and finals for that too?

         Thank you,
  1. Yay!
  2. You go into Finals I dont know if theirs Semi Finals you can loook on the PNWR website.
  3. yes
  4. if anything their might be round 2 if so dont wory about it :< 1-2 minutes usually
  5. No well depends. Judges switch off possibly
  6. Novice = Junior Division Normal = Regular Division
    I forgot but their is an Age limit for Novice and Regular division is for the Experienced or Old players.
    However Regular Division has a better prize I believe.
  7. 1 Minutes I believe
    No prelim I think.

I actaully have a question
Whats the age limit for Novice

Ok 1 it is called PNWR for Pacific NorthWest Regionals 2 Finals are pretty much 2 minutes 20 seconds 3 nothing between prelims and finals4 yes they are all the same judges5and 6 i dont know havent hear much about the novice

does anyone know what booths there will be there selling throws? and its the 24 and 25 right?

All the info you’ll ever need!  :wink:

Actually that site is very bare LoL does anybody know if you can bring a flash drive for music instead of a cd?


It’s highly recommended that you bring your music burned to a CD as an audio CD. 1 track per disc, clearly labelled. This may mean you need to bring multiple discs.

Official Website :

So PNWR is around 20 day’s away!
I guess we can discuss on here.
Just a quick question.
for Novice Will their be Prelim’s? I know most of you won’t know this but some people on this forum might because they might be one of the Organizers.
I want to also know for Novice what’s the age limit aswell as How long is the freestyle going to be?
Please and thank you!

Who will be going?
I will be going and bringing some throws for some people to try.
CLYW I have most of each model so you can try out a Chief or something along those lines.

I am so excited.

BTW, does anybody know the contact information just in case?

Schedule and Rules posted to the website.

I would strongly suggest that all competitors actually read the rules. PNWR is the first contest using the draft 2012 NYYL rules which do differ from previous years.

I think most of the questions people had are answered on the site but I’ll answer them anyway for easier reference. I apologize for the delay in getting the info on the site. Life/work got really busy and put me behind schedule.

  1. You compete in finals the next day
  2. Prelims are 1 minute and finals are 2 minutes
  3. Finals scoring is made up of 4 components: Technical Execution, Technical Evaluation, Performance Evaluation, and Deductions. Prelims scoring is only Technical Execution. Please read the rules on the site for the full description.
  4. Maybe not not necessarily. Finals will also use at least 4 judges and Prelims 3.
  5. Novice freestyle is a non-championship division designed for less experienced freestyle competitors. Novice freestyles are set to DJ’s choice of music and will be judged on Technical Evaluation only.
  6. One minute, no prelims.

Current vendors are YoYoJam, Yo-Yo University, TMBR, CLYW, MonkeyfingeR, Twisted StringZ, Toxic Strings, and String Theory.

CD only. Please see the Music Guidelines on the site.

No prelims or age limit for Novice Freestyle.

Yea buddy! So pumped. It’s next week! Anyone wanna meet up just outside the NW rooms at 5:15 to swap tricks and whatnot Friday night??? Maybe In the room if It’s all set up, If not I am willing to help out :slight_smile:

3 days to go! ;D ;D ;D

I’m really excited!!! I’m leaving the day after tomorrow for Seattle, then the contest the day after that!

So stoked! The 25 is also my birthday!

Very cool! I have to drive all the way there Friday morning :stuck_out_tongue: The drive from Walla Walla to Seattle is a bummer but oh well… I’m too excited to care!

Did you guys hear that the CODE 2 is being released at PNWR too??!!

are you able to buy yoyos at the nw regional s i heard you can gt good deals… any one with experience there

can you buy yoyos there