UPDATE: 2013 Georgia YoYo Contest

Important Update: There will be 1 minute preliminaries, followed by 2 minute finals. Registration has been much greater than anticipated. Therefore, the judges decided that in the interest of time, preliminaries are necessary. You can just do the first minute of your 2 minute routine for preliminaries.

Statement from AJ Kirk:
…with the growing popularity of our sport and greater number of competitors than we could have anticipated, this is a necessary change. Again, I’m sorry that it’s happening this way but I’ve been to contests where they decided the day of the contest to do prelims and we had no choice but to go along. My deepest apologies. If there are any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via FB.

Statement from Mark Allen:
Contestants may perform the first minute of their already prepared 2 minute freestyle if necessary. They will not be deducted for repetition in their final freestyle. Performance may be considered for prelims but not totally factored in. Please don’t let this hinder anyone’s excitement for the contest. 1 minute freestyles are action packed and fun to watch. Use your time to show off your best stuff.