A few questions

Can I wear gloves in competition? And how long does my freestyle have to be?

You can wear gloves in a competition. Whatever makes it easier for you/is most comfortable.

About the time… it really depends on the contest. Most preliminary rounds (what you have to pass to go to finals) are about 1 minute these days. Finals can range anywhere from 2-4 minutes. It all depends on which contest you’re looking at, as there isn’t a set time standard. It would be best to go look at the contest website and check out the rules/regulations.

ok, I’m thinking about the BAC, and they are still making the website. Thanks for the info.

Gloves are fine for any competition.

Prelims are 1 minute
Freestyles are 2 or 3 minutes for 1A-5A OR up to 4 minutes for artistic performance.

A little less common are battles held at competitions, those are usually back and forth between two yoyoers at a time and you either get 30 seconds a round or 1 minute and you alternate between players.

I think that is about it…I think.