I’m curious in Yo-yo contest.

Example I compete in Worlds or any competitions out there.:smiley:

Then, do I have “A List/Bunch Of Yo-yo tricks” to perform?, I mean You need to do Ladder Escape, Hook 1.5, etc. or I just perform all the tricks I/You know.

And about the freestyle, 3 minutes right?, Does your song Exactly 3:00?, or 2:55-59, or 3:05-10?

And I saw Tyler severance!

So there is also 2 minute freestyle?

and also who here has a pic of a Caps-off DM and hitman, Because i want to see the nipples.

Please help!

Any tricks - any time limit. :wink:

For trick ladder you have list of tricks you have to do. For freestyle you can do any thing you want.

Lenght of freestyle varies, there’s maximal lenght of freestyle stated in rules of each contest. Song can be shorter and your freestyle will end with song, if song is longer they will stop it. This year time limit in many contests was 2 mins instead of usual 3 mins. Usually theres about 5 second tollerance.

I am sure that there is a time limit of around 2-3 minutes for a ladder too.

And for the pics of the stuff you wanted!

Sorry about the bad pictures, but you can still see the nipples clearly ;D

Along with my YYE DM ;D

You can usually go over about by 5-10 secs
at worlds the FS are usually 3 mins
And you only have to do all the tricks in a sports ladder

Thank you all of you!

Heres the link for the World’s Sports Ladder trick list and rules

Those are the rules for a 1A free style

What do they mean bout “String Hits”?

How many times you hit the string.

Like ytou’d get one string hit if you did a Trappeze.

Yeah, but they wont always count repeats. If you keep on doing the same thing, you don’t get points for the repeat.