P2 or M1

(yO!JaYxDsJ) #1

Which one would you guy recommend?

(Shisaki) #2

Less or more width? Lighter or heavier?


Project 2 for sure. The m1 is discontinued by the way.

(SR) #4

Project 2, it is an awesome yo-yo. And yeah, the only way you can get an M1 is in a BST.

(LookAYoYo) #5

wasn’t the p2 discontinued? or does one drop make them? i dont go on that sight to much.


the p2 is awesome. the m1 is also awesome, but i consider it a pocket yo. i carry mine everywhere. also, i’m pretty sure there the last batch of m1’s hasn’t gone up yet.

(Gorrilla_YO) #7

Both…M1’s went extinct, but you can look in the BST thread, as for P2’s there excellent, i have one myself…either one you can go wrong…

too me it’s only a mater of width cause the M1 is more narrower than a P2…Performance wise, there practicaly almost the same. If i was you id get both.

Here’s my review for the M1: