P2 or M1

Which one would you guy recommend?

Less or more width? Lighter or heavier?

Project 2 for sure. The m1 is discontinued by the way.

Project 2, it is an awesome yo-yo. And yeah, the only way you can get an M1 is in a BST.

wasn’t the p2 discontinued? or does one drop make them? i dont go on that sight to much.

the p2 is awesome. the m1 is also awesome, but i consider it a pocket yo. i carry mine everywhere. also, i’m pretty sure there the last batch of m1’s hasn’t gone up yet.

Both…M1’s went extinct, but you can look in the BST thread, as for P2’s there excellent, i have one myself…either one you can go wrong…

too me it’s only a mater of width cause the M1 is more narrower than a P2…Performance wise, there practicaly almost the same. If i was you id get both.

Here’s my review for the M1:


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