M1 vs. Project

Without cost as a factor, I’m curious to know whether the M1 or the Project better and why?

I’d be curious to hear about this, too. I have a project and it is super nice. Wondering about the M1, though…

well the m1 has had alot of good reports. i would think they are probably about the same.

I agree with Robert. However, preference is also in play here. They have nearly the same shape, and diameter.

If you want a yoyo that is Soda-Blasted, has the grooves on it, and is wider, go with the Project

If you want one that is anodized, does not have the grooves, sports a similar shape to the DM, has a IRG lip, and is a little narrower, go with the M1

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Another post about the M1 and Project…

I just got both… The Project feels more stable when throwing, and is wider. The M1 feels more solid while playing (the rim weight contributes to this), while its a little more narrower (barely), and weighs a tiny more than the Project.

Both are amazing yo-yos. I’d shoot for the M1, since the Projects are a bit hard to get right now, and then try to get a Project later, maybe even one of the Project 2’s when they come out. The M1 is only $60 compared to the $90 you may regret spending (even though you can always trade it).

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haven’t heard about project 2? or is it just the inevitable fact that they will come out with another one? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m actually trying to trade my meteor for a project right now hope i can find a trade ;D

I was looking at the OneDrop web site and it looks like the Project2 is in the prototype phase right now. No date set for its release. Right now, no projects are for sale except for the MarkMont edition which looks like a stock Project, but it’s little bit heavier and has a wider gap. It looks like it is a sweet throw, especially with the changes from the stock Project.