Ozora vs. Tk-16

Can’t decide whether to get a Ozora or a Tk-16. Mainly want one because i’ve been told their great for learning balance tricks. opinions? ???

Ozora for sure. Supposedly the yellow breaks in the best, but are very hard to find. Pink are supposed to be the next best.

Ozora for sure, I would recommend black

Why black specifically?

I would recommend the white Ozoras.
White is the most visible color IMHO (yellow and green can prove to be blindingly bright at times), and it has slightly better tack than the normal ones.

Kendama’s play differently based on the paint color especially in the case of ozoras, I have owned multiple colors of ozora’s and in my opinion the black ones break in the best

Tk 16s have a heavyer tama, its rosewood I think. I like the ken better then ozora, but I like the ozora tama better then tk16’s.
I think a ozora tama is going to be easier too do balance tricks like lunar on.