oozora vs tribute?

(Jace) #1

So this isn’t what it looks like. I was just curious since there doesn’t seem to be as much tribute love on the board. I just got a tribute today and I’ve been playing my oozora for a few weeks now and there is a way bigger difference than I anticipated. The tama seems a lot heavier on the tribute while the ken seems to be a lot harder wood. I think I like the oozora better but idk, has anyone else noticed this or does anyone prefer a heavier tama?


The Ozoras are definitely lighter than the Tributes. IMO the Ozoras play better because but I enjoy messing around with my Tributes every once in a while. :slight_smile:

(Jace) #3

yeah, I haven’t been able to decide which I like better yet especially since my tribute is new. I just didn’t expect there to be a much weight difference as there is. I really like the ken on the tribute though.

(Waylon) #4

It’s whatever floats your boat. I’ve got three kendamas, one of which is a Tribute. I play them all about the same. I think the lack of Tribute love has to do with the high placement of the cups. It seems a lot of players don’t like it. To me, it makes no difference.


I noticed the Tribute’s tama is heavier as well. I know some folks don’t like the Tribute because the ken is (gasp) different. To me it’s not better, it’s not worse, it’s just different. That’s what I like about it. If they were all the same, I’d have no reason to collect them! The Tribute is just as fun to play with, but the Oozora does have the comp. approved seal. So for me it’s Oozora for a contest (as if there were any around here) but for fun, which ever one I grab off my shelf first, I’ll be happy with. .


i have a sour mash path edt. tribute and a light blue tama oozora. if i had to take one over the other, i’d probably go w/ the oozora.

my tribute is the opposite of ‘regular’ tribute kendamas - from what i’m readin’. the tama is very light…and is tacky. i prefer a heavier tama. the kendamaco colored cups edt. is a good example…as the tama plays quite heavy. and the ken seems to take more of a beatin’ as a result. in my opinion/experiences.

the oozora definitely plays more lighter and quicker, in my view.

the tradition and history behind the oozora is also somethin’ that i like.




I traded my Ozora for a Tribute, which I somewhat regret (but I got some throws as well) because the Tribute is pretty heavy, and the high cup placement feels extremely awkward. Also, the Ozora is much more balanced and has really sticky paint (which I like)


I wonder if the Tribute has been changed recently. I’ve got an aTack, a Sunrise, and a Tribute that is pretty new, and the Tribute has the lowest Sarado of the three. For the record, it does seem to have the heaviest tama of the three.

(Waylon) #9

That would be great if it has. I like mine well enough but I could see how the high sarado could be a problem for advanced tricks.