OYY & G2 Stuff

Hello there, I’m looking forward buying a BAP Pelican tonight, and would want to make sacrifices to make it happen.
Therefore, I’m listing two rare throws for sale, which are :
Oh-Yes-Yo Paradigm Shift in the Orange Colorway ( it will cut you you’ve been warned ) I think it has a tiny scratch near the bearing seat but nothing you could notice easily - 75$ + shipping
G2 Glitch Banshee in the solid blue colorway ( grinds for days + mint ) - 65$ + shipping

I could consider a mint Pelican or any swirl for trade. Thanks :slight_smile:
( PM me for pictures )

Hey youssef mebazaa aka “kanethedrifter”
Yes this is the same guy that tried to scam a bunch of us rember no lics and no. Tracking info amae guy admins banned gos other 2 accounts, well he set up tgis one and trying to list same yoyos again!!!

I just emailef him about this and he replied with same email address he tried to scamm me with pay pal thru apparently hes a lazy scammer!!

Im still wating for the paradyme shift i bought fron u in December is that the same one ur trying to sell again??

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Thanks for the heads up, Fcftampa.

HOPEFULLY admins shut him right down and he stays off here for good now

Banned, but don’t get your hopes up that he’s gone for good.

Thanks for the heads up.

Hey admin/mod. It seems like this guy is really basically about selling whatever is hot, so he might just be watching Reddit and Facebook pages to get ideas…but it’s also possible it’s a real active user elsewhere. I dunno what all could be done with just ip, but maybe y’all should reach out to Jake and coffin (g2 and oyy seem to be his major targets) to see if there’s any way to track down like, some real info. Also, are in bans still a thing? I know even ten years ago that was pretty easy to get around, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be any more effective now, but any little extra obstacle can’t hurt.

At this point, I think it’s going to be pretty obvious whenever he tries to do it again here, he’s not very subtle. Oh here’s a ridiculously hot you at about 70% of it’s true market value. Nope, no pictures, maybe a super blurry one stolen from here or there (or, again, maybe he’s an actual thrower with some sorta collection). I dunno, I’d imagine he can’t last long with paypal, as they’re giving money back left and right over him…but it can’t be that tough to make new PayPal account.

Just super annoying…I got my money back and learned my lesson that too good to be true probably is.

We deal with these guys the best we can, It’s a lot like whack-a-mole, thanks…