[FS] G2 Warthog & G2 Banshee BOTH FOR 140$ [FS]


Note, this guy is a scammer and his accounts have been banned.

Hey, I currently have too many G2 stuff, and would like to get rid of more duplicates for Christmas.
I’m currently selling an A-Grade Ruby Red Warthog that is factory new & a solid blue mint A-Grade Banshee that I was about to sell until seller backed out.
First one to buy either or both, will get an XL Wolf t-shirt & a Ghost that is in a really bad condition.
Payment is via PayPal, BOTH FOR 140$. Also, only buy if you have some spare cash. Remember, these are just yoyos…
Pictures on demand!


Scammer alert. Bought 2018 banshee. Never received tracking because apparently for the price I paid, I didn’t deserve to get tracked packaging. I’ve waited over a month before posting negative feedback. Don’t deal.


Hey i still dont have the paradyme shifr or the AL7 wolf i bought from u, u know the ones i paid u for on december 6th then emailed u 4 times asking u for a tracking number and u never replied to me??
Whats going on with those? Figured id ask u on here since u dont respind to my emails, can i have the tracking info please?? Feel free to post it on here


Just a heads up. Profile says he’s from GB. IP trace shows differently.
Have contacted the guy.

Use caution here.


I can also confirm this user of being a scammer. I had the same experience as Jettfiery. No tracking provided “due to shipping price.” I waited a month and filed a claim with PayPal. I would advise others to do the same.


Comment from feedback section…


Haven’t heard from the guy in 3 days.
Banned both accounts.

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