G-Squared Swirl Marvel - Solid Warthog


Note: scammer account, banned.

Priviet, I would like to sell or trade 2 yoyos ( searching for mailday banshee or grayscale )
First one is a arkham swirl Marvel that is factory new, but the bearing tends to become semi-responsive during grinds.
Second one is a Christmas Red Warthog factory new as well.
If you want pictures feel free to send me a PM or reply to this post, I am currently at work.
I have their accessories and boxes, prices are : 140$ Marvel - 115$ Warthog excluding shipping, it could be negotiated, seeing that I am still new to this forum.
Have a great one !




I would probably be careful here. Any time a brand new member starts selling g2, I’m going to assume it’s our scammer until they can link to an active Facebook account (on the BST) or otherwise prove themselves. Unfortunately…not hard to pick a random foreign country and make a new email for a new name…seems to be exactly what he did the last couple times


Pictures : https://imgur.com/a/dJDcE :slight_smile:


Well that’s promising anyway!


I suggest that in these cases (expensive/rare) yoyos, mods require pics to have the user’s name written on a card next to the yoyos, so you can prove it is their pic…


I can do that if anyone would like me to, just let me know and I’ll do it.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Scammer alert scammer alert !!!

Hey guys this is same scammer again Mebazaa Youssef
When he poped up last before i called him out he emailed me this imager link with the yoyos he was trying to sell last time.

Now take a careful look at the orange bed sheets in the backround of the first image.

Then click on the link he posted in this forsake post, in the 4th pic same orange bed sheets with same very distinct design!!!

All the proof i need!! Do not buy he just got banned for the 2nd time last week and here he is again with a brand new account!!!

Do not get scammed!!

This is link he posted above incase he deletes it

I would be more than happy to foward the last email he sent me to anyone that would like to see it.

Do not buy from this guy he is a SCAMMER!!!
he scammed 4 of us last time came up again and i will blow up his spot every chance i get stop trying to sell on here buddy were not intrested in ur throws u do t getto scam people then try to sell ur stuff like u didnt do nething!!


Hahaha…Good eye buddy! 8)


Yep, aka KaneTheDrifter. Our analysis confirms.
Banned again.
Thanks for the tip.

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