Oxygene Ozone response

Hey all. I’m new here (first post). I just received my Oxygene Ozone today and I’ve only been throwing it for an hour or so. I assumed this would be a completely unresponsive yo. However, it seems to keep coming right back to my hand when given enough slack. Is this because the bearing is new and needs to be broken in? Or is it supposed to have a small amount of response to it?

clean the bearing!

if that doesnt work, then try changing the response

I feel like there’s a thread with this same general question every few days. Seriously, there’s a whole board on yoyo maintenance. I know you’re a newbie, but still, lurk moar. Just clean the bearing and lube it occasionally.

Another thing you should consider is just playing it until it breaks in. Often times taking direct action by cleaning something or taking something apart to poke around does more harm than good.

If you’ve only been throwing the yoyo for an hour or so, the response is likely still very, very tacky. That will lessen with time and will eventually be just perfect, but the only way to achieve that result is to wait until it breaks in on it’s own or rub the inside of a jean-pocket on the response for a few minutes to break it in by force.

The general rule-of-thumb should always be to give it more time before you act. I can’t even begin to count the number of bearings I’ve fixed simply by playing with them. Over time you’ll figure it out in your own way, but for now just take some advice and keep at it until you get the results you want.

Thanks nkessler. I just wanted to see if it was something about the response system in the Ozone, not so much the bearing. I’ve cleaned the bearings in all my throws, but I like to break them in for a week before I do.
Anyway, I also got a ceramic KonKave bearing with my order, so I swapped out the stock one for the ceramic. And OH MY GOD, this ceramic bearing is awesome. Issue solved, 100% unresponsive, and insane sleep time.