Overused words

Love 'em or hate 'em, we hear 'em. Take 'em beyond their meaning and we get this thread.

Hype, floaty, innovative.



yoyo. WAY overused.

seriously though, AWESOME

is and overused one

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Unboxing video


Legit. Josh would know all about this… :wink:

floaty is probably the top overused word imo… And I bet no two people’s definition of it match.

Legit is one. (well, by one person, who is NOT josh yee)

English is an overused kind of language


Don’t/No. Double negatives. Nothing makes a person sound more ignorant.

“That don’t make no darn sense.”


swag is very overused

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Some posters should note that this topic pertains to yoyo related words. A, and, the, and that are necessary. Mostly words that are so overused that people can’t even use them right. For example, I started this thread after seeing someone use the word “hype” regarding HSpin’s downsizing. Or the gross nonexistence of the “floaty” characteristic. Also, too many people are deemed innovative for just being good.

Haha, I saw the bolded too. It was so funny. The guy bought a BEYSICK because he wanted on cause all the hype…

I’ve been looking to get a hspin anyway. I was just saying that because Hspin there yo-yo’s are gonna be limited. Sorry that I screwed up. Wow… just wow.

Minor, Small, (Insert yoyo company name short-form here), Vibe, Smooth

well, those are sort of to be expected, methinks.

I am so so so so sorry that I made you think you screwed up. You didn’t. It’s just your word choice was funny. You are right, it would be smart to get one because of the downsizing. I hope I didn’t make you feel bad. No hard feelings, man. I am sorry. :slight_smile:

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bump is an uverused word