Overtightening sucks

i lost my first DM to over tightening. and now my second :’( :’( :’(. I’m not sure how this happened because all i did was tighten it the tightest it can go. when i took out the bearing the entire nub thing just fell out.

Really? I never had that problem and I tighten alot sometimes.

That sucks. How long did you have the yo?

Keep it spinning™

both of them since christmas

What happened? I mean, there wasn’t any warning?

If it came out when you unscrewed it, you might be able to fix it. Just hold the nub to the screw as you screw it. It should screw the nub to the yoyo.

well there were cracks around the nub for like the last month but i never really cared because i thought thats how it came. ;D but as soon as i take the bearing out of the seat out comes the nub

My buddy just over tightened his mini motu. The first day he got it. He too said “all I did was tighten it all the way.”
Sucky time.

The lesson for everybody: be a tad careful when tightening. ANd if your DM does work, it works. But if the nub has fallen out, I doubt that it works. Did this happen while you was tightening it. If not it might be the regular “crack around the nub on a metal-rimmed” issue. I belive this is a usual place to get cracks on metal-rimmed YYJs. So if you have been banging holes in your walls, then that might be your problem.

Addment: As long as you are careful when you tighten, this should not happen.

maybe u shoulder just give the cap a slight spin to screw in it might stop on its own

I know we’re not helping, but you never know!

Try this:

  1. Screw the nub back on. Locktite?
  2. Superglue. Then go to step 1.
  3. Tape???

Why did it come out when you took out the bearing? Any ideas?

not sure it just happened

maybe its all just a freak accident and it’ll all be over soon.

P.S. I used to overtighten my yoyo and my first brain yoyo kindda died cause it never opened afterwards(stuck).then i stopped and now i don’t care if it(new yoyo) falls apart cause it never does.