Overtightened velocity fixing

Hey so i bought a velocity to a friend a month ago and it was a bit responsive even setted to unresponsive so i tought it was the bearing and cleaned it not to long ago and didn’t work and not so long after that i figured that it was over tightened , but not like broken , but more like a fireball mod so i was wondering if there was a way to fix it , i tought about putting hot glue in the hole for the axle to replace the plastic that have been broken but i don’t know if that’s a good idea and i was wondering if you guys have other alternative that would work better.

Honestly, there’s probably nothing you can really do to fix the problem. You might actually be better off just spending the $12-15 a day get a brand new one if that’s the kind do of throw you want. I honestly would just give up on the velocity and get something else, maybe a yye classic if you want something on the cheap.

Actually i own better than the velocity i traded it with extra money for my popstar , wich i think is boring, and all my yye card and right now i found that tissue is ok for this but a more permanent fix would havr been cool