Overall World Champion...

So for the entire time i’ve been throwing (6 years) I’ve had a MAJOR complaint about the world yo-yo contest, and that is that in names 5 different world champions. Now all these people are very talented and I will never say otherwise, but why is there no overall championship.

It would be very simple to set up, no extra division, no real extra cost. Just set up a point system. Places 1st through 10th (in 1a,2a,3a,4a,5a, and AP) would each be given a point value (1st get 10 points, 10th gets 1 point) then at the end of the contest each player’s points would be added up and the player with the most points would be crowned OVERALL WORLD CHAMPION.

So community what do you think?

Also who runs Worlds these days and what’s their e-mail? (so I can send this to them)

Jamie Kennedy
Rebel Yo-Yos

There is the Iron Man thing…

The one when you compete in every style, and get high scoring in each…

But that would be cool if they had an overall champion.

But Idk, might not work to well.


I think things are fine the way they are, given the Iron man is seperate from worlds… an ego is something no yoyoer should have, and being crowned champion can be risky for some people

and besides… people arent always contend with how worlds results turn out, for example, last august, I though Jensen’s performance was better than markus kohs, this kind of thing would only widen the gap of opinions for an overall champ…

this is only my opinion tho

I always thought the 5A’s were 5 distincts events. Almost like different sports and that is why there isn’t an overall champ. Although i guess it could work

Well, for a number of years there was the combined division. 1A, dual, aerial. One freestyle for each. Not surprisingly, Shinji won every year it was held.

I’d agree with this. You could have an overall champ, but in my mind it would be about the same as crowning an overall champ for all the running distances in the Olympics. Yeah, they’re all runners, but it’s almost meaningless to compare them because the skill required for each discipline is unique.

The other thing that strikes me is that under this scoring system, your chance at the overall title is directly dependant on the strength or weakness of the competition from your division, which varies between divisions. The overall champ shouldn’t be about whether or not your biggest competition happened to mess up or underperform that year. You could end up crowning someone who put in a performance that isn’t relatively as good as the the 3rd place competitor from another division.

Instead, I think if you were going to do this it would be better to simply tally the judges scores of the individual to see who was closest to a perfect score over the entire competition. You would even be able to handicap it pretty effectively based on the best score from the last year(s) in each division, in case one division regularly has winners who score closer to perfect.

I don’t see yoyo being different than any other competitive discipline(assuming you want it to be competitive).

For firearms, you have rifle and pistol compettions, with separate winners in each. I don’t know that much about firearms competitions but I could certainly see many different divisions, and each division having its own winner, with the very real possibility of someone winning multiple divisions. I know there’s more to this than just pistol and rifle.

If we look at Olympic class gymnastics, they have team and individual competitions as well as winners in individual apparatus. There is figure skating as an individual, pairs figure skating, and ice dancing. Tennis has singles in men and women, doubles in men and women and mix doubles(men and women).

Getting back to yoyo, there’s players like Jayyo who compete in the 5 major divisions. I’d actually like to see him place higher. Either way, he opens himself up for the very real possibility of winning in more than one category, with a very slim chance of walking away with a win in all the divisions.

I don’t see any reason for change. It’s fine the way it is.


No. No no and No. Did I say No yet? I think I have.

Some your system doesn’t work. At all. Some people don’t like the other divisions, therefore they don’t do them. All the styles are completely different from each other. It won’t prove anything.

I personally don’t like this idea. All the divisions are different, and captivating in their own ways. Judging one against another is too hard to do. Here’s food for thought: The 5 champions face off against each other for the title of overall world champion (Not saying I agree with my idea, because I don’t, just wanting to hear the reaction). :slight_smile:

look up the master of yoyo contest dude, it’s similar to an ironman contest

I think it needs to be a combined event. A master of yoyo would need to show “mastery” in all the 5 major styles and perhaps as well as having an artistic performance AND be proficient in at least 1 other style. I’d also like to add additional elements to it as well, such as the ability to convey how to do tricks and be able to handle a yoyo they may not be familiar with(well, hopefully). While some may lose individual portions of the contest, since it’s a combined point total competition, the top overall scoring player will be granted the title.

I don’t think it’s fair to judge different styles against each other. While some may share similarities, that’s where it ends.

I think the lack of interest in an “overall” champ undescores the popularity of 1A over all of the others combined.

Who would the Champion be? Anyone who has seen a yoyo contest knows it would be some guy who is good at 3A, 4A and 5A and just OK at 1A. Is this the “Best” yoyo player? Or, just the biggest fish in a few small-ponds (3A, 4A, 5A)?

Now if the scores were weighted by the number of average participants in the division - that would be interesting.

define weightings = (avg % of contest participants that compete in each division during Nationals qualifying)

Score = (0.89)(1A score) + (0.10)(2A score) + (0.03)(3A score) + (0.07)(4A score) + (0.15)(5A score);

I personally think that isn’t a good idea. The whole point of having 5 different divisions is because there are 5 different styles of yo-yoing. Think of it like this:

A person is proficient in 4A because that’s the style they enjoy, they major in. That means in exchange they have to not be as good in other divisions. The moment we find someone that takes a world champion title in all divisions is the moment we have found the ultimate yo-yoer who only puts his time into the sport.

The way we have it is perfect. Players competing in the style they love, hoping to take a world title. The judging system is to accomodate each style. If we have a 1A player go against a 2A player, the 2A player would win because of his style and his judging system (every loop he gets a positive click pretty much). Just think about it…


this idea has been suggested before but has not gone anywhere because is unfair to all the other contestants, do to the fact that each style is different and as pointed out above the winner would most likely only place first in one division if even that. In the end you would have one world champion but 30 different people that have beaten him in there respective divisions.

that being said the idea of have a contest that is aimed at having people compete in multiple styles is a cool idea but all the contestants would have to on the same page for it to be fare. This was what combined was supposed to be but it ultimately took to much time to have the same person win every year.

Of course he did, lol.

If this idea was brought back, I believe it would be dominated by Shinji or Takeshi. Not sure who else is of that level in many styles.
Maybe Connor Scholten possibly?

I agree that such a competition could exist, but I disagree that the winner should be crowned, “Overall World Champion.” Also, I believe the problem is not the idea, it is finding enough qualified people who want to compete in that kind of contest to determine who is the most well rounded player. As it stands now, players are awarded for doing great in a particular division, but there is something to be said for the player who made an effort to learn all styles very well. The trouble is, there are not enough of them that exist and are willing to compete with others in that regard. There should be some credit for a player being well rounded to the extent that he can compete with other well rounded players and do well among peers. I believe that while the idea has come up before, it has not come to fruition because there are not enough players well rounded enough to say that they play “well” in all areas. To have a competition, you have to have some interest by those who are qualified and willing to compete. At this time, I don’t think you would have enough players up for that kind of challenge. While that well rounded player gets credit for being well rounded in yo-yo, we must realize that a jack of all trades is often the master of none. Someone mentioned a player who is well rounded and competes in all areas, but usually does not place at the top. I give that player a lot of credit, but it does show you the issues raised in a competition setting. When you try to be good at everything, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin and you will be exposed in any weak areas. I think there definitely should be a way to pat the player on the back who has developed enough skill in all areas to compete with others who have done the same thing. I would like to see it happen. Eventually, if there is ever a 6A and 7A, you will see the likelihood of this go right out the window. Talk about spreading yourself thin. Good topic, a lot of food for thought.

there is actually a way. Do something similar to X division, where every contestant would enter playing one style that could be anything. there should be an unified way of scoring (that would take years, if not decades to set up) and the #1 would be crowned world champ.

that’s the only way I see it happening. that said, I don’t really see the point because all the styles are so different.