Over-tightening Dv888

(YoYo_Freak) #1

How do I tell if Im over-tightening my dv888? Cause if I like tighten it the amount that it usually takes to tighten other yoyos, there is a crack in the side that the string falls into… I can tighten it more and get rid of the crack, but it is very hard. Is it safe to tighten it so the gap is gone?


Is it possible to provide a picture of this? I’m not sure if it’s possible for you to be able to provide a picture of this. It sounds like there may be something a tiny bit out of spec on the bearing seat. I think someone elsewhere suggested wearing down the bearing seat area a bit as many the anodization needs to be worn down for a better fit.

Otherwise, can you try a different bearing?

Something isn’t sounding right as there should be no place for the string to slip into.


I’m guessing you might have an axle that’s too long. Try putting in a shorter axle, I think the DV888 uses a 12mm axle. Also, check if you have a spec bearing or a regular bearing in. Spec bearings have sharp edges while as other bearings have a more rounded edge.


Metal yoyos can be tightened a lot without striping (although there is a limit) and often come that way. You can risk it but it is safer to buy a shorter axle.

Edit- No, wait, scratch that it doesn’t matter how long a dv888’s axle is as it would just go through the sides right? Or else you wouldn’t be as to stack the so easily. Just tighten it or use a string centering bearing.

(YoYo_Freak) #5

I filed the bearing seat on the other side now i can tighten it easier…