Out of a Hat


So, I have made a list of some high end throws that look cool and I think play very well. I am going to put these names into a hat and am going to pick one of these yoyos out of the hat and buy it.

Here is the list

3yo3 al5

G-Squared Nessie

String Theory Orion

Turning Point Houska

Adegle Formosa

I haven’t put them in the actual hat yet, but I’m lookimg for some input from the community. I’m NOT looking to add CLYW One Drop, YYJ, YYF to the list (they have enough praise) so give me aome more options .


You eliminated 90% of my personal wants list when you said no clyw, one drop, yyj, or yyf :smiley:

Umm… C3 trident, g squared triton, yoyoskeel stalker, madhouse compulsion…


Basically any YYR.


Can’t go wrong with the ai5.


How about some Werrd? The Hour and Irony are both fantastic.


How about some C3.


anything Ilyy maybe the nile. e1ns, or torino
spyy orbitron


Try some C3, they play awesome and they look awesome


Berserker, Trident, Irony, Irony JP, Octave, Silly Goose.


So I have added Werrd Hour, C3 Yeah3 and Mo-Vitation. Anything else


c3 darksonic,clyw gnarwal and clyw/c3 h5xcheif