Here’s a breakdown for a trick I created called Oscillate. I hope you enjoy this. If you need ANY help learning this trick feel free to comment below, private message me, or just figure out an efficiant way to contact me :slight_smile:





I’ve been so busy today I couldn’t bump this earlier.

Tell me what you think of the trick?


Has anyone learned this…?


It looks cool, I’ll give it a try tommorow.


What is your favorite thing about this trick?


Slack is always cool.


yup, the whippy slack part.


That first bit slays me. I just love how you get the yoyo into the around-the-arm mount. The movement and direction change is possibly the coolest “abrupt yet somehow still very smooth” motion I’ve ever seen. :wink: I don’t know if I have it in me to learn the whole trick, but I want to learn that manoever.


I believe in you Greg, you can do it!

If you need any help just hit me up.


Learn this…now!


As the YouTube description says-- I had smoother takes, but none of them featured my son covertly squirting me with water. :wink:

(non-embed: http://youtu.be/k7PxSXVWZ1Y )


Thank you for learning and filming this Greg! I really did enjoy is.

I feel like I heard you’re going to NER somewhere…if that’s true we can throw the same trick there :wink:


Yes, I’m going there! Showed this trick to my sister-in-law today (she’s pretty interested in yoyo, and I have taught her to bind and do plastic whip) and she was like, “Whoah, that’s a SWEET trick!”

If I decide to do sport freestyle (the amateur chumps) I was going to do this trick! But I don’t want to steal your thunder if you’re competing. :wink:


Not only is the initial trick really neat Proboscis, but Greg - you are really wailing on that thing these days. Man, have you developed some real game!!! Great thread all round.


I am not competing at NER! I want you to do this trick, it will make me so happy :slight_smile: