Original Edge

Although the Edge is now upgraded to the Edge Beyond, I feel like now is the time to appreciate how good the OG is.

It’s really something special, and it’s a really nice weight distribution and design.

Yes, I have tried the Beyond, and it’s good, but not what I would say worth over $120.


Is the original edge still a good yoyo even though its like 3 years old?

Absolutely! I love my edge and it is one of my favorite EDC yoyo.

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It’s so hard deciding if I should buy the old edge or the kolou edge.

If you can gat your hands on an OG, definitely get one.

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I’ll be the naysayer here, and say nay… I personally didn’t think the Edge was that great. Had kind of a sameness to it, doesn’t really stand out in my mind from other good bimetals (or even excellent monometals). I’d even put the Hatchet+ in front of it and it (at the time) was about half the price!

Also the colorway choices were not particularly great for it.

Edge Beyond is far more interesting, so is Monster Edge, heck, even the plastic Wedge is interesting because so few plastics have that strong flat edge Kuntosh shape.


To answer both of your questions:

  1. The original Edge is still a good playing yoyo.

  2. If you get an Edge; buy the Ko’Olau Edge. It is a better playing Yoyo.