What is your favorite Evan nagao signature yo-yo?

What is your favorite type of EDGE yo-yo or Evan nagao signature ??

  1. The Edge Beyond has a really great feel in play and looks awesome. Mine has a lot of nail vibe but plays smooth on the string. It is likely my favourite as it is a completely unique feeling yoyo that performs really well.

  2. That said, I also love my Edge 1.5, the fit and finish on this yoyo is superior and it feels PREMIUM. It is a gorgeous yoyo and also has a very unique feel in its own way. Both are in my top ten.

  3. I used to be in love with the polycarbonate Wedge and took one everywhere with me. I think I have like 6 or 7 of them! It is a really great yoyo but I have now opted to mostly playing with metal yoyos, overall I prefer how they perform.


Edge ultimatum!


Yeah the edge ultimatum is awesome !!! I love that yoyo I find myself using it a lot for bangers !


The Wedge is the only Evan yoyo I’ve played but I was seriously impressed with it. It’s in my opinion the best readily available yoyo in that price range, and plays well beyond that. I was really disappointed by the Replay Pro and had very low expectations for the Wedge, but the Wedge shattered those expectations. If I ever got a chance to play with a Poly Edge though I’ve got a feeling that would be my actual favorite in the Edge series.


The wedge is a GREAT plastic I don’t blame you having so many :sweat_smile: it’s a great all around yoyo I like to use my wedge as a go-to metal edge so I don’t have to ding it in case something bad happens :joy: but the feel of plastic and metal is quite different I like to alternate here and there and the wedge is mostly my daily plastic throw

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The Edge is probably my favorite line of yoyos. Not a dud in the bunch.

The monster is probably my favorite wide yoyo, if anyone has a black/ white fade in really looking fue one to complete my B/W fade edge family, i got trades or $.

But with in the edge i think the Infinitum is my current favorite. No contest.

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I still prefer the OG Edge (or maybe the 1.5, I never should have sold both my 1.5s).

But it also depends what I’m doing.

For fun, OG all day. If I’m learning a new trick or trying to land a long combo, the Infinity or the Beyond.

If I just want to play something that feels a little different I play the Beyond. It’s fantastic and there’s nothing else that feels like it.

I had a good black/silver fade collection going, but only have the Infinity in black/silver fade now. I really missed my Edges and started looking to replace the ones I sold. I copped a galaxy Beyond recently, then found a black/silver fade for the same price a few days later :joy: Still need a 1.5, Monster, Ultimatum and Poly.


I don’t own any, but I love the styling of the Edge Infinity. I have always thought this wouldn’t look weird at a sporting goods store. Would fit right in next to Ski/Snowboard section.

If Yo-yoing was in the Olympics, this would be the official gear.

Edge Infinity




Beautiful 🥲. It’s such a wonderful yo-yo it has those good feeling vibes to it.


I don’t blame you this yo-yo would look SICK near the skiing isle the colorways just match. I could see this inside of a rotating glass box with the Olympic logo next to it waiting for you to buy it :sweat_smile:
Official yo-yo of the Olympics worthy of a champion $150 :open_mouth:


I know my take on it is a little cheesy. But the Edge Infinity just screams precision to me


Edge 1.5: 3 likes

Wedge: 1 like

Edge infinity: 3 likes

Edgeless: 10 likes

The organic bois are out and about :rofl:


Ko’olau Edge


I’ve always wanted one of those :sweat_smile: I’m waiting for a k’edge restock one day I hope they are still producing these.

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You hear it in your ear as a whisper…… precision….precision……precision……buy me !!!:joy:

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This Colorway reminds me of the Vault boy from Fallout :sweat_smile:

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To paraphrase Nick Diaz regarding Joe Rogans podcast-

“Train by day , organic throws by night, ALL day!!!”

Actual quote lol :point_down:t5::point_down:t5::point_down:t5:

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I had exactly the same. Had a bad experience with the Replay Pro and a great experience with the Wedge

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