Orca won't unscrew

I bought an Orca last week and it wouldn’t unscrew ever since I got it and I was wondering if I could do anything to unscrew it

Never heard of a yoyo not unscrewing before. Maybe the threading or axle is stripped, preventing the yoyo to unscrew?

If it won’t unscrew, gotta hit the weights my friend. If it’s cross threaded then you’ll destroy the threads but still unscrew it. :frowning:

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Are you able to twist the yoyo and it won’t unscrew? or Are you not able to twist it at all?

Sounds like it may be cross threaded. I just got one too from the same batch as yours I assume and had no issues unscrewing it. Bearing seat is actually not very tight.

It can’t twist it even the tiniest bit

I still have not unscrewed my first run orca but I have had this issue before. I have an axle that has been stuck in the one half of my chief ever since I got it. The folks at clyw may have but a locktite or threadlocking solution in the threads.

Have you unscrewed the yoyo before or has it never been unscrewed before?


There’s no locktite or or any sort of thread locking solution on the yo-yo if it was purchased new, some CLYW jut get assembled a little tight during the testing process. That little extra twist can make the difference between slightly vibey and dead smooth.

Try using some rubber gloves or something like that to give you more grip and you’ll get it.