Orca black bip bop

how fast did this orca sell out? and how many of each kind did they make?

Anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 minute I think and YYE got 5 of each as far as I can tell. They sold out super fast and I didn’t check until after the BBB.

The BBB orca sold out in a couple min (I got one). Steve said they made 10 or 12 of them.
Someone bought 3 of them. Steve said future released of BBB will be limited to one per household.
IMO buying 3 was super selfish. Knowing how limited the run was they are just trying to cash in.

Yeah… I wish…

Seriously tho, wtf do you with 3 other than resell?

I agree. To me, 2 max, 1 to play and 1 to keep pretty. 3 is just overkill.

Eh, 2 to play for me :stuck_out_tongue: I know though, one is plenty.

:smiley: I see what you did there

Competition set

Why would you pay so much extra for a competition set. Not saying I disagree that that’s what it’s for but why not just get 1 bip bop and two regulars?

realistically he may be trying to sell them by buying three but in an optimistic world i could see someone playing 3a with two of them and keeping one pretty.

Still buying 3 makes me feel a little sick. It’s most likely not for regular use

Collector? There are people that have many more than 3 of a particular yoyo… that’s just their thing. I can imagine to a hardcore CLYW collector owning 3 BBB Orca’s (sought after colourway on a sought after yoyo) probably sounds pretty appealing.

Look, I get it, some people might want 3 for various reasons. Still seems like a jerk move though for something that is super limited.